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Foodwise is all about sharing your healthy and sustainable food experiences, on an easy to use Food Atlas.

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The Food Fables blog is another way for you to write and share your stories, recipes, garden tips and more with others in the community. This site is meant to be a platform to generate and understand points of view, share knowledge, and encourage positive conversation and ideas for action. Differing opinions are encouraged and welcomed, which maintain respect towards others. All the views listed on this site are subjective and not representative of any organisation or certifying body.

The idea of a ‘Foodwise’ web platform was first developed at an R&Dialogue design thinking workshop in Scotland in October 2014. R&Dialogue was a European Union funded project with the goal to improve the dialogue on how we might achieve a low-carbon society in Europe. R&Dialogue was a consortium of 15 partners in 10 European countries, including research organisations and NGOs. The University of Edinburgh was one of these partners which led dialogues and workshops across Scotland. The R&Dialogue programme was completed in November 2015, this Foodwise site will continue with help from site users like yourself.

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