Edinburgh Edible Campus - I came to University to grow

July 1, 2015

Grown from the Allotment and Permaculture Society, the idea of Edinburgh Edible Campus (EEC) or growing in University has spread widely and has the ability to not only connect existing growing projects but also create a platform for knowledge exchange, sharing problems and continued learning for future growers.

The Foodwise shared garden brought to you by Edinburgh Edible Campus

During the second semester 2015, a group of Master students for which Robin Wilde has to be mentioned especially, helped to gather feedback and opinions as well as concerns of staff and students about growing flowers, herbs and food on campus. It very well summarized the problems encountered during the year, as the University currently has no policy on food growing which means responsibilities and decision making has been shifted from department to department. Spearheaded by Alexis Heeren from the Social Responsibility and Sustainability, one of the goals under the projects title is clarifying a framework in which future groups can work in.

City Croft Project at Edinburgh College of Art

Aspiring to projects at the University of St. Andrews or more locally Edinburgh College, EEC believes that wide spread food and flower growing by staff and students supported by the University’s landscaping team can be a reality quite soon. The project has the potential of increasing University members’ health, connection and identity to place and origins of food. By now the initiative will have provided planter boxes to staff and students interested in growing, connect those who already do as well as deliver a more detailed stakeholder assessment and engagement in line with a recommendation brief to the University – allowing flatter organizational structures for future success.

King’s Buildings allotment

As a world-class University the loss of the allotment spaces in Kings Buildings, especially during the International Year of Soils, cannot go unmentioned and has to be recognised by the University as an area of key importance when talking about sustainability. For everyone who would like to get involved can start in their local area and join a community garden, join one of the already existing growing initiatives around campus or visit the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh’s demonstration gardens. Information for this will be on Edible Edinburgh’s Facebook page. Learn more about growing your own at Grow Your Own Scotland.


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