Flip a Point on the Map

August 11, 2015

The Foodwise team has been working away at putting together a Food Atlas, and ultimately it will be a resource for folks to use to pin point 'food areas of interest' in Edinburgh. There will be more on this in the near future!

The very beginning of our Foodwise Food Atlas, more coming soon.

I thought it might be nice to write about one of the places that will be on the Food Atlas, called Flip. Flip is a Healthy Fast Food restaurant on Clerk Street, and has a lovely relaxed atmosphere. They offer a variety of food at very reasonable prices.

Yes that's me in the window, lol

I am a big fan of a salad, so I ordered their Greek salad with tzatziki dressing, tasted nice and refreshing. One thing that really stuck out to me was a wee little sign on the window which stated that Flip provides eco-friendly takeaway boxes and cutlery from Vegware. Vegware is made from renewable plant or recycled materials and has a lower carbon impact than traditional plastic.

Delicious Greek salad, yummmmm

We are looking forward to hearing about places around Edinburgh where you have been, which promote sustainable and healthy food! We are using OpenStreetMap for the Food Atlas, and if you are keen to add a point check out this step by step guide. Keep in touch and enjoy your lunch.

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