Foodwise Launch Event!

September 24, 2015

Two weeks ago we hosted our very first event at the King's Buildings Campus, we chatted with folks about where they can find sustainable and healthy food around Edinburgh. We launched our Foodwise Atlas concept, and had two cooking demonstrations with Steph the Chef.

Steph the Chef prepping for the cooking demo and our first plot of the day being added to the paper version of the Foodwise Atlas. We could not have asked for a better day to be outside.

When the event started at 12 a great flock of people joined us and were first presented with information about Foodwise and our Foodwise Atlas

The Foodwise Atlas is a tool we are developing to promote dialogue through an online interactive map about sustainable and healthy food, which users can access here. At the event 15 points were added to our paper version of the Atlas, a wide range of points were added including local shops, some restaurants, and even a place to forage for wild berries. The points are currently available to view on our online Atlas by going to the Food Atlas page and clicking on the orange dots on the map. To add a point to the atlas you can fill out a quick form on the web and it will be uploaded within an hour.

During the cooking demo Steph the Chef talked about where the food was sourced from (The Royal Edinburgh Community Garden) and provided some tips for how to have a zero waste meal. One great tip was to use all of the scrap inedible bits of vegetables such as onion skins and broad bean pods to make vegetable stock. I tried this at home and it really is a wonderful way to capture flavours from pieces of food that would otherwise go straight into the compost!

During the second demo Steph took what food was left over after the first demo and gave some suggestions of ways to make meals from leftovers in the fridge.

Food Sharing Edinburgh also brought 10 plus loaves of day old bread from a local bakery which otherwise would have gone to waste. A couple friends from Food Sharing Edinburgh chatted with people at the event about their network which is aiming to reduce food waste by diverting it from landfill to bellies. Learn more by visiting their Facebook page.

Steph made four main dishes including a beautiful salad with chard, tomatoes, pumpkin, celery greens, parsley, carrots, summer squash, and rice. He also made a vegetable stew, pumpkin, Kohlrabi, and kale cous cous, and a delicious pasta primavera. 

A fantastic event with lots of discussion about what is sustainable food and where can we find it. A very special thank you to all that attended, we hope to do another another in the future.

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