Hello garden and soup recipe

July 16, 2015

Hello again, I have been away for the past couple of weeks on holiday and am happy to be back in Edinburgh! Upon my return I am thrilled to see that the garden at work has exploded and my tiny wee pea plant has quadrupled in size.

Happy Rocket and sad Edamame plant in background

I was so excited when I returned to find that the rocket is flourishing, and ready to eat. I searched online and found a great recipe for a courgette and rocket soup. I made it last night and it is spicy and delicious. The recipe is for 4-6 servings and I cut everything in half and there was plenty for my husband and I to eat last night and leftovers for lunch today.

Rocket and courgette soup with goat cheese mini toasties.

Other reports from the garden, my colleague planted some broad beans which look to be doing quite well, and we have three pea plants which need some structure because they are really taking off. As an experiment we planted an edamame plant, which I had started on my windowsill, it has turned brown and is not doing too well, will have to keep track and see if it makes it. On the bright side there are six peppers on the jalapeño plant! In the next week at least one of them will be ready to eat.

The work garden!

Would love to hear about what is growing in your gardens at home and work, please post in the comments! Happy growing!!

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