How Low Carbon Can I Go?

May 18, 2015

Week two of the food photo diary is complete and I thought it might be interesting to present a few facts and figures that have come from this endeavour.

After evaluating my eating patterns for the last two weeks I found that I order take-away for a quarter  of my meals. Over 20% of dinner meals I ate with friends, in two weeks I managed to make breakfast at home every day but once. Lunches were the meals that I spent the most money on food because I tend to buy from shops or take-away places. Personal goal to make more lunches at home!


Out of curiosity to see how well I have done this week with my food emissions I used this handy resource called Laura’s Larder. You can find out your own score here, a tip try to write down everything you ate for the week before starting.


Looks like I am well below the average, but honestly I think this is probably because I did not include beverages, which I am sure would boost up my emissions a lot. Especially items such as tea. This week I did not eat as much meat either because primarily during the week I was eating salads or veggie lunches.

It also tells you what are your biggest emitting foods? I was surprised to see that bell peppers was the biggest CO2 emitter in my diet. Also, really handy is this chart which suggests alternative foods with lower impacts.


Finally, it gives you an idea of how healthy you are eating, I eat loads of cheese and I believe this is why I scored poorly with salt, and fats. But looks like I am eating enough fibre and proteins, so happy days! I would love to hear about your weekly food journaling too. Send me an email or post in the comments below.

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