Scrumptious, Summery And Seasonal

June 19, 2015

Summer is here, and everyone knows what that means! Delicious seasonal fruit and veg a plenty.

If you are like me and wondering what you might make for dinner tonight, you may be thinking something scrumptious, summery and seasonal would be perfect! Greener Scotland has a great list of seasonal foods for each month of the year, along with loads of recipe tips and ideas.

Homemade whole wheat, garlic and rosemary bread.

Last night I made some homemade bread and on a Friday evening with places to go and people to see, a quick and easy dinner is always appreciated. Therefore I am opting for a watercress and radish salad with garlic bread, and some leftover pasta from last night. Yummmm!


Why is it a good idea to eat seasonally? One reason is that seasonal foods just tend to taste better. If the food is seasonal and locally grown then you may also be helping to support the local economy, and the food travelled less distance to get to you, which can also be good. To find out some places in Edinburgh which sell local and seasonal food visit Edinburgh Local Food Network.

Ideally I wish my salad had come from my own garden, but I got a little bit of a late start so hope to be eating my own grown rocket and spinach soon.

Do you have a great recipe using seasonal and local produce? Then please either share in the comments or email us! Chow for now!

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