Thoughts from the Kitchen of Steph the Chef

September 9, 2015

In my kitchen, we waste NOTHING. Mushroom trimmings the stalks from herbs, the top and tails of carrots are all used in the stock pot, the bones from chicken lamb beef are all used to make gravy. The ends of tomatoes are used to make salsa. Fish bones and scales are put into stock for Cullen skink, the shells of mussels and oysters are roasted and made into bulloubaise when we use eggs we sometimes use only the whites or the yolks, these are kept to make mayonnaise or meringue .

Even the used scrapings from customers plates are put into a separate bin and sent to the pig farm. Anything out of date that can't be eaten by our customers is taken to the refugee Centre and Glasgow Shelter for the Homeless. ( I always try to spare some soup for these places anyway).

we buy our meat from local farms, Ayrshire being about the furthest away (great bacon!) I source from local allotments for fresh fruit and vegetables wherever possible. Milk comes from Hope Dairy in Renfrew, who have there own cow herd, beef from Galloway, lamb from the Campsie Glen.

We don't use asparagus from Peru , or green beans from Kenya . We use locally sourced produce in season. You can't get broccoli in January, so why fly it from abroad? We have no business eating that. We should only eat what's available in the time it is ripe. My menus reflects that.

I only ever use Scottish fish... Scallops from Barra are the best in the world, you can get sea bass 5 miles out of Glasgow in the sea. Lobsters from just off Oban. Beautiful produce, we are lucky to have such bounty on our doorstep. I know a lot of chefs don't use this.. And it shames me. Some of the most incredible food in the world goes through Glasgow and still not one Michelin star.


I cook honestly, using food from my country, I try to be as Scottish as I can, using our amazing fish, prawns, beef, lamb, and great local vegetables. Dundee seems to be the place for herbs, Ayrshire for pork, Glasgow for vegetables, Galloway for beef, Callander Rainbow Trout were delicious this year. We all can eat locally! What's Edinburgh famous for, great bread, cockles, mussels... What can you name?

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