Tuesday At Bridgend Growing Communities

August 26, 2015

I have gone to the Bridgend Growing Communities garden on a few occasions, once during The Power of Food Festival where we made glorious hanging baskets for our homes. Since then I have been meaning to go and volunteer to learn more about the Garden and to get my hands dirty. Yesterday I did just that, I had the opportunity to join the Bridgend community for a morning of gardening, along with 9 other volunteers. Below is a short slide show of some of the pictures inside the hoop house where I was weeding and the scrumptious lunch.


Over lunch I talked with some of the volunteers who had been coming for years and who truly enjoy working in the community growing spaces and one individual who also has an allotment on the site. The atmosphere was wonderful everyone helping each other and working hard to weed the various beds, prepare beds for planting and doing maintenance on the compost area.


There was chef Charlie, a regular volunteer, busy making a delicious vegetarian stew all with vegetables harvested from the gardens. After a great day of volunteering and followed by good food and good conversation, it is no surprise that Bridgend Growing Communities has been nominated for an award for their work with volunteers. To learn more about Bridgend Growing Communities please check out their website and  Facebook page.

Do you have a story about a community growing space or allotment? We would love to hear it! Please post in the comments or give us a shout on Facebook.

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