A Wee Catch-Up

December 2, 2015

Hello again, it seems to have been ages since my last blog post and so much has happened. Many thanks to Carly, Simon and Paul for their lovely posts and recipes!

Image source: http://foodshare.org.au


I thought that I would share a few things today about the direction that Foodwise is going. It has been a year since the idea to create this website was born and in that time many things have happened, most important being that we actually have a website and people like your lovely selves are reading it, hooray!

In October, we hosted another focus group where we concentrated on the Foodwise Atlas’ direction and development. We had an amazing session and received loads of helpful feedback and ideas for how to make the Atlas more accessible and to meet the desired needs of the users. From this we have commissioned Starbit to revamp our website and the Atlas to be mobile ready!! These truly are exciting times.


The new and improved Foodwise site and most importantly Atlas will be launched in the new year, so until then we will still be blogging, FacebookingInstagraming, and tweeting on occasion about food, and we always are looking forward to hearing your views!

Many thanks to all that attended the focus group and to all of you fab readers. Keep on chomping, challenging and changing ;-) Foodwise.

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