A Week Of Eats!

May 11, 2015
4 May – Breakfast – toast and South African plum. Lunch – Tesco sandwich with Thailand chicken. Dinner – homemade pasta bake made for friends.

4 May – Breakfast – toast and South African plum. Lunch – Tesco sandwich with Thailand chicken. Dinner – homemade pasta bake made for friends.

Last week I began a photo food diary and tracked all the food I consumed and cooked from Monday to Sunday. For the food I prepared myself I started to track information on health, sourcing, recycled and binned materials, and food waste. There will be more on this in an upcoming post

5 May – Breakfast – early riser Tesco special. Lunch – leftovers.  Dinner – Indian takeaway.

I found myself scrutinising over labels on packages and realising that things I thought were recyclable in fact were not, food was travelling great distances to get on my plate, and many questions started to form in my mind.

6 May – Breakfast – Toast and South African plum. Lunch – leftover takeaway. Dinner – Leftovers!


Am I a wasteful eater? Honestly, after the first day of recording each meal I started to think more about my habits, I would sometimes eat leftovers, but generally I would ask my husband to eat them. I started to take leftovers for lunch and made a personal goal to try and reduce the portion size I was cooking. Also, I came across this little video on what happens to compost.

7 May – Breakfast – getting repetitive. Lunch – Greek salad from the Main Library on Campus and a fundraiser cupcake. Dinner – out to eat, dragon roll and cucumber salad.


How many fruit and veg am I really eating? When I started keeping track I was positive that I was not eating 5 a day. I realised that 5 A Day is a bit more complicated than I thought, and starchy foods such as potatoes do not count as 1 of 5. Originally, I believed if a veg was processed that it was not 1 of 5, but in fact these do count. Find out more about 5 A Day on the NHS website.


8 May – Breakfast – sugar loaded Shreddies, milk & plum. Lunch – on the go, ate snacks I had left over in my bag. Dinner – friend made dinner gotta love pizza on a Friday night!

Do I recycle this or not? Where do I find out if this or that can be recycled in my area?  Package labels usually indicate whether something is recyclable or not and if it is not listed then a good resource to check out is your local council site.

Please keep an eye out for more to come!

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