What's Growing This Winter?

December 16, 2015

It has been ages since my last blog post about our little work garden box, so I thought I would share some photos and talk a bit about what we are growing this winter.

What's growing - kale, chard, and parsley. A colleague also planted some onion bulbs on the right side in late October, which may have been a bit late. One of the many things that I love about gardening is the opportunity to test things out, such as the onion bulbs and see what happens, our fingers are crossed that maybe we will get lucky and have some very late onions. As you can see we are also testing out some organic pest management practices, using the net to

As you can see we are also testing out some organic pest management practices, using the net to keep the birds away. We also have a major slug and bug problem so we buried a jar with beer in it, and it is quite amazing to see how well it has been capturing the little pests. Not looking forward to having to remove that jar, which definitely needs to happen soon!

The kale and chard seems to be thankful for the beer tip and is growing pretty well! When we were transitioning the garden from summer to winter veggies, we decided to try and save the jalapeno pepper because it was quite healthy. It is now sitting next to my computer for the time being, we are going to try to replant it once the weather starts to warm and see how it grows.

On another note a colleague from the building next to ours has been growing this beautiful garden for at least a few years, it seems to be doing very well. I love this idea and wish that we would see more spaces like this being used to grow in the urban environment.

I was reading about the Glasgow Food Charter the other day and it reminded me of this garden, it may not be a large piece of land, but a fair about of food is growing here quite well. So well that the same colleague has also planted a couple apple trees near to our garden box! Exciting times, as always hope you enjoyed the blog and looking forward to hearing your comments.

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