Who Knew Disco And Soup Went Together?

July 29, 2015

On Saturday I went to check out Food Sharing Edinburgh’s Disco Soup at the Pavilion Café in the Meadows. It was fantastic there were loads of people eating delicious and spicy veggie soup, and it was FREE! There was live music and plenty of friendly people helping making the soup in the outdoor kitchen, cutting vegetables, and serving soup.

The Disco Soup! Yummmm
Soup being served at Disco Soup

All of the food was donated and collected by Food Sharing Edinburgh and was food that might otherwise have gone to waste. Fresh vegetables came from Whitmuir FarmGracemount Community Walled Garden project, and a ton of bread was provided by The Pine Tree Bakery.

The event had multiple messages about avoiding and diverting food waste, sharing food with people in the community, and tackling the issues of food insecurity. The sustainability of the event really shined through in the food that was grown locally, and rescued from going to waste, and even to the extent of having a washing station set up to avoid the use of plastic and disposable waste. The Food Sharing Edinburgh network is growing and there are more events being planned for the future.

Food Sharing Edinburgh started as a Facebook group, which help to divert food from landfill by having a platform for members of the group to share, take and give away food. It has over 1,000 members on Facebook and is growing quickly. They are expanding their work and now have volunteers collecting and sharing food from businesses in Edinburgh including The Pine Tree BakeryNew Leaf Co-op, and more.

Washing up station, with compost and plenty of dishes to use again and again
Food Sharing Edinburgh

To find out more or to get involved with Food Sharing Edinburgh visit their Facebook page, join the group or email foodsh

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