Zero Waste Fry Ups - A Guide To A Typical Scottish Monday

October 8, 2015

We’ve all been there; overburdened by all the fry up ingredients left over from the weekend.  Most of us take one look at the pile of puddings, sausages and bacon and hear our healthy subconscious remind us that fry ups should be taken in moderation.

Whether you’re cooking for your family, or just a few flat mates, the chances are you’ve found yourself in this position.  With a little creativity however, you can ensure that not only does your remaining fry go unused, you can invent healthy, delicious breakfast and lunches for every day of the week.

In Omelettes, We Trust

Is there anything you can’t put in an omelette?  We thought as much…this is why omelettes generally make a great source of turning all those unwanted ingredients into fantastic meals.


Forget trying to eat all that sausage and black pudding on Sunday; save some for Monday and turn that fry into a stylish omelette!

French Toast Frys

This may seem like an addiction to eggs…and it is; but French toast is great call for breakfast and lunch, and with all that sausage, bacon and black pudding lying around, you have a filler worthy of a feast.


From fry up to filling: black pudding reinventing the French toast sandwich


We’d love to hear your views on how to turn your fry up remains into mid-week delights!  Post your thoughts and ideas in the space below or join the conversation on Facebook!


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