How to use

“How the Atlas works” in 3 easy steps

1. Discover or visit a Foodwise (sustainable and/or healthy) place such as an organisation, restaurant, community garden, shop, etc.

2. Login/register on, and fill in a quick form.

3. Share your Foodwise experience with others, upload a pic, comment (taste, price, quality, etc…), and rate.


Understanding the icons 

Every point on the map has varying shades of green the darker the green the more sustainability categories (organic, animal welfare, local, etc…) have been selected for that place. 

    1 – 3 categories selected

    4 – 6 categories selected

    7 – 10 categories selected

    10 – 14 categories selected


Entries by ‘Foodwise Fans’ have been collected at Foodwise outreach events, they are not the personal views of the Foodwise team. These entries are designated by the author ID "FF". 

In order to rate someone else’s entry please give it a thumbs up or down (note: you will need to login), if you rate it why not write a brief comment about your rating!